15 Free SEO Tools in 2024

Check out the best free SEO Tools that you should be using if you are not already doing it… Here are the Best Free SEO Tools Marketers actually use.

Updated May 5, 2024.

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Google Keywords Planner is absolutely free to use and absolutely does its thing!

What is better then Google to tell you what is the search volume for a specific keyword in Google Search, right?

The only thing you will need is to create an ad account which takes only 1 to 3 minutes.

It is really intuitive and easy to use. 

Let’s say you are selling backpacks or school materials across the country and you want to search for the term ‘kids backpacks’ in the United States.

You simply go to ‘Discover New Keywords’

Discover New keywords

Then you set the Language and Location. Don’t forget to write your Search Term.

The results will show you some key indicators such as the average monthly searches, average cost per click if you decide to run an ad and much more that will give you a better idea what you want your site to rank for in the long-term!

It is a Google product… that is absolutely free and your boss will LOVE IT for this reason!

This Chrome extension saves you a lot of time and time is everything.

So, what’s the deal? You know when you Google something and see those fancy titles and descriptions? That’s metadata, and it’s crucial. With SEO Meta in 1 Click, we can check our metadata of a page without breaking a sweat.

Let’s say you want to check the metadata for a page of a sports shop for badminton products. When using SEO Meta in 1 click you won’t have to check all that by clicking right button and ‘Inspect’.

You simply click on extensions in the top right corner and you click SEO Meta in 1 click in the extensions list. That simple.

Then you will have a lightning fast info about the Meta Title, Description, all Headings, Alt Titles and much more that this page is using currently to rank this well! 

Not only will you save lots of time, but you will also make a good impression at work when using such extensions. 

This is totally a free gem for every SEO specialist or person who want to improve their site’s optimization.

Screaming Frog is like your trusty sidekick for website analysis. It’s like a virtual detective that helps you uncover all the nitty-gritty details about your website. Again you can download and use it for free!

screaming frog meta tags

One of its superpowers is revealing the secrets of your website’s Meta Titles,Meta Descriptions and Headings. It shows you what each page on your site is telling search engines and potential visitors.

But wait, there’s much more! It’s also an image-size detective. It sniffs out those bulky, oversized images that are slowing down your website and tells you, “Hey, these can be slimmed down to load faster!”

screaming frog images

Seriously, this SEO software does the job and is totally free of charge!

Do you want to impress your employer on your first week? 

OR you just would like to check what the rock is cooking in your industry?

Then use Google Trends

Let’s say we want to find out more information about the search term ‘Seo Free Tools’ and how it has been trending throughout the years.

seo tools google trends

Best part is that you can get statistics starting from 2004. 

You can do it for almost every country or market!

What we can see on the image is that the search term ‘seo free tools’ actually grows in interest judging from the start in 2004…

Google trends is also great to check the seasonality of a business like hotels, auto dealers, e-commerce stores and so on. 

You can easily see which months have the highest search interest during the years.

For example, the search term ‘holiday’ indicates that people are expressing interest in planning their holidays in December every year.

Not a bad time to advertise if you are travel agency, right?

Here is to those who like their Meta Title and Meta Description to be shown in the best way on Google both on Mobile and Desktop.

According to Semruish

“The most effective title tags are around 10-70 characters long. These include spaces so keep this in mind when coming up with your Title Tags.

If it is too long, the title tag will be cut off from the display not revealing the full message.”

This is where Google Meta Lenght Tester comes in handy.


It shows you how your Meta Title and Description looks like both on desktop and mobile. 

Note that Google might display the Meta Description differently in the results if Google thinks that their description snippet can perform better (for that search, for that user).

Image Size Info lets you check the size of an image on a web page almost instantly.

All you need to do is to click the right button of mouse on the image and click ‘View info’.

This is literally the fastest way to check an image size on the internet. 

image size info

Quite useful to those who like their content optimized. 

image size info 2

There is no way you have worked with SEO and you haven’t heard about Ahrefs…

Ahrefs Backlink Checker is extremely reliable knowing what Ahrefs stands for.

You can easily check which domains link to you or find out who links to your competitors!

free backlink checker

Check out their free tool that shows a website’s backlinks for absolutely free of charge! 


You call yourself a web master? In this case, you must be using Google Search Console

Get instant insight of which pages are indexed on your site, what is the click rate of your pages in Google Search Results and much more with this absolutely free product made by Google.

search console

Feel in full control of your website with Google Search Console.

Here is a complete guide how to verify your site with Google Search Console.

You need to check how fast your site is loading?

GTMetrix is perhaps one of the two leading Website Performances tools for Speed Load.

The other one is Google Page Speed Insights.

What makes GTMetrix special is its ability to test from multiple regions around the world. 

This means that it could provide you with a more accurate data locally if you are targeting a specific market.


Right now, the free version of GTMetrix offers testing of your website speed performance in 5 continents.

However, GTMetrix is not free when it comes to unlocking more options such as testing your page speed on Mobile.

Consider using Google Page Speed Insights for Mobile testing.

Google Page Speed


AI Generated content is not something new to us.

ChatGPT can be really usefull for generating content, however, you still need to personalize it by giving the right directions to the bot.

Otherwise, you can be sure it will sound robotic and boring to your visitors.

For example, if you need a sales pitch for a product, try giving ChatGPT a more detailed explanation of the task.

Here is the wrong way to do it: 

“Can you write me a short sales pitch of the newest Iphone?”

Right way to do it:

“Can you please write me a sales pitch of the newest Iphone, while trying to sound like a real salesman?

Please try to make it authentic. Focus on Iphone newest highlights and do it in a few lines.

Our target audience is young students so you can make it more casual.”

chat gpt for seo

There you have it.

Remember that ChatGPT works best for your copywriting when you personalize the task. 

This way you make it way more attractive for visitors to actually read what you have published. This has a lot to do with SEO and will play a really strong factor for your organic traffic!

Google Analytics – Supermen of all free SEO Tools.

Absolutely made free by Google.


It is basically the tool that tells you if you are ogranic traffic is growing overtime. 

Also, absolutely a must to know where your site visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on your site, how long they stay, what devices they’re using and much more!

Still don’t have Google Analytics installed on your site?

Here is a short guide how to set Google Analytics on your site.


Have you tried to remove the background of an image before using Photoshop or other softwares manually?

Here is a tool that will save you TONS of TIME!

Remove.bg is an amazing tool that is absolutely free for everybody!

You can make an image transparent and remove it’s background just in a matter of seconds…

Mona Lisa Transparent

That’s right, I just cut Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci from the portrait in 5 seconds.

The tool understands by default what is the main object in an image or a photo and extracts it for you. 

WEBP format is considered by Google as the image format that is superior then others for making the web faster!

Knowing the importante of a website loading fast, WEBP has now become the most preferred image format on the internet! 

Pixelied is the perfect free tool that can convert your JPGs or PNGs into WEBPs in a matter of seconds!


When it comes to image optimization, this is a type of tool that every web developer and SEO specialist uses and should use on a daily basis!


Google Alerts is another tool made by Google that is totally free.

Basicly, Google Alerts works as a detective for you.

Google Alerts

You just need to choose a list of keywords that are important to you and your business.

Then you will start receiving e-mail notifcations by Google for links on the internet where those keywords or topics appeared.

It is an awesome way to stay on top of what your competitors are up to in your industry and always be on the lookout for websites that you can potentially ask for a backlink to your site.

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator makes things much easier when it comes to generating structured snippets for your website pages.

Quickly to those who are new or need a reminder.

Schema Markup is used in SEO to provide search engines with structured data that helps them better understand the content on a web page. It allows website owners to provide additional context about their content, such as product details, event information, reviews, prices and more.

The main goal is to enhance how your website’s search results appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and potentially improve your click-through rates and visibility in search results. 

For example, ever wonder why some product pages in Google Search Results appear with stars and a price tag?

Exactly, this is done using a strucutred data snippet on the product page of your website.

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator will do the job for you and generate the snippet that you need to put in the <head> of your desired page. No need to code it yourself.

Why miss the opportunity to get some extra space in Google results?

Other free and awesome tools...

Alright, sailors.

These 15 free tools are one of the best that digital marketers and SEO specialists actually use on a daily basis!

Here are other awesome free tools that are worth checking: